From the beginning of the alpha release, Mr. Khoi – Best of Blender Artists: 2020, week 36 is one of the first 3S Cloud customers, whose feedback has been the source of inspiration and played an important role in our improvement.

  • Art Station profile: 
  • Project Name: TIE Slicer
  • Software: Blender 2.83, 2.91
  • Render Engine: Cycles
  • Format: Still Image
  • Style: Star Wars sci-fi style (greeble, flat surfaces, paneling, eyeball shaped fighter,…)

The idea came from Star Wars Canon

Having been learning Blender for 1.5 years, Anh Khoi aims to become a skilled Hard Surface & Environment Artist. On his social accounts, it can be easy to see his constant efforts in 3D design with a great number of 3D artworks. This time, he worked on the TIE Slicer project in order to improve hard surface skills, rendering techniques, especially to learn how to adapt to different kinds of styles.

The project’s idea came from the desire to create his own TIE fighter which would be better than Star Wars Canon had. And he implemented it from the middle to the end of this August.

The difficulty in UV mapping and texturing due to the large amount of details

In order to ensure cinematic quality, Anh Khoi combined the project with Cinematic Essentials such as lens flare, motion blur and so on. He put more effort in order that the project would retain the original spirit of the version in the movie, as well as perform his own personality.

Hence the large number of details used in Star Wars, UV mapping and texturing might be one of the most difficulties in his implementation process. After all, the project completed and impressed him by the rendering and the First Order hangar scene finally.

With volumetric, it was impossible to render on his PC but to use render farm instead

His personal computer configuration could meet the rendering requirements for this project. Without volumetric, it might take 15 minutes to complete rendering a job at 4k, 2000 samples. However, Anh Khoi shared that rendering on his personal computer would wear it down rapidly. And, with volumetric, it was difficult to render on his PC because of long rendering time (about 22-23 hours for each frame) but to use a render farm instead.

How did you experience on 3S Cloud Render Farm, Anh Khoi?

– “My most impressive experience for me rendering on 3S Cloud Render Farm was the simple & accessible UI, which helped me start rendering without any confusion. It was fast in rendering; so, I could render my project with volumetric easily. From the beginning, I felt reassured because 3S Cloud’s Support Team has given me enthusiastic support, and always solved completely if there were any issues. I saw every rendering settings of my projects all were implemented well after downloading outputs. It’s worthwhile to choose this rendering service.”

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