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Upload projects

Upload files/folders

Please keep in mind that:

  • You can upload .blend files or the entire folder containing your .blend file together with its assets (texture, video v.v.)
  • We recommend packing, make relative paths, and bake .blender files before uploading in order to avoid errors.
  • You can upload Zip files, but other archived files haven’t supported yet. We are putting more effort to support them soon.
  1. Solution 1: Click on the red area below or drag & drop files/folders to upload
  1. Solution 2: Use our Uploader Tool
    • Download and install the appropriate installer with your operating system
    • Log in to the Uploader Tool with your credentials
    • Upload or Download multiple files/folder simultaneously
  • We support to upload with the Uploader Tool on Windows, Macos, and Linux
  • Watch this video to see how it works.